IRR Access

To help meet the needs for individuals engaged in deep-dive institutional research studies, a new temporary database called Institutional_Research_Repository (IRR) has been created in the Data Warehouse.  The IRR holds a small number of LionPath query data snapshots extracted each term.  These frozen snapshots serve as standardized, unofficial data sources for University-wide analysis of student-related data which may not be available through iTwo.

The IRR is NOT an operational data source.  IRR data will not be updated daily or weekly.  Users needing frequently updated data should use an alternative source such as iTwo, LionPATH queries, or LionPATH interface files. Approved users can connect directly to the IRR and avoid iTWO row limit and data exporting issues.

IRR Access Request Form


The IRR tables’ names are sometimes shortened versions of the LionPath query names and contain similar content. There are LionPath tutorials that might be a useful resource for using IRR tables.These tutorials are available at