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Confidential Reports

OPA produces many reports each year, many of which are confidential in nature. The distribution level of those reports is determined, in consultation with University leaders, by the nature of the reports and their intended audience.

Confidential reports are distributed to their intended audiences via Institutional Insight (iTwo), the University’s password-protected, business intelligence interface. In providing access to these reports, OPA follows University Policy AD96, Acceptable Use of University Information Resources. Confidential reports should not be shared with nor distributed to those who do not have direct access to them. If you are unsure of whether you can share a report, please contact OPA at 814-863-8721 or

Levels of Access to Confidential Reports

Access is available to employees who require such information as part of their job function, and where their access is vital to the conduct of University business.

  1. Executive: Includes executives, deans, and chancellors, as well as proxies identified by executives, deans or chancellors.
  2. Restricted: Everyone with Executive-level access, plus Faculty Senate chair/immediate past-chair/chair elect, department heads, and academic department financial officers.
  3. University Leadership: Everyone with Restricted-level access, plus all financial officers, academic management (associate/assistant deans, directors, assistant directors, associate vice presidents), institutional researchers (data analystsbudget managers, budget specialists, and analysis and planning consultants at levels 2 or higher in their job categories), and registrars.