Institutional Research

The Office of Planning and Assessment’s Institutional Research activities support University decision making, policy development, and reporting through rigorous data collection, analysis, and interpretation.  The office provides leadership for the institutional research function across the University through collaboration with partners and the sharing of best practices. By advocating for data integrity and appropriate access to information, we ensure that decision makers and stakeholders are informed and prepared.  We work directly with University leaders for the benefit of all the University’s constituents: students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members.

What is Institutional Research?

Effective institutional research requires the formulation of research questions, choices of research methodologies, and awareness of potential data sources. Much of the relevant data already exists in University data systems or external databases, but sometimes institutional research practitioners collect data through research methods such as surveys or focus groups. The analysis and communication of findings to inform decisions and drive intelligent change is the core role of the Office of Planning and Assessment’s Institutional Research activities.