Collecting Assessment Data/Evidence

Once you have chosen one or more assessment methods for the PLO you are interested in measuring this year, you will need to implement your process for gathering assessment evidence. This process often involves collaborating with other faculty in your program, or in programs at other locations. However, your data collection process may look different from one year to the next depending on the PLO you are interested in assessing and the measure you have chosen.

In some programs, the number of graduates is very small. It is up to the faculty to decide what number provides meaningful results. For some small programs, it is acceptable to use the same assessment strategy for multiple years in order to increase sample size.

Keep in mind that program assessment is concerned with answering questions about student learning by majors in the program. Therefore, assessing learning in General Education courses is tricky because many students in some of these courses are not majors in the program. Performance of students who are not majors would need to be removed from analyses.